Shrink Fibriod Nature’s Way – 60 Days


Fibroid Tumors are symptoms of toxicity, acidity, hormonal imbalance, poor circulation and congestion. These can be reversed.

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Fibroid are noncancerous (some fibroid can degenerate into cancer that located in or outside of the uterine walls of the female. They range from the size of of a grapefruit to he size of a watermelon. They can be multiple or single. Fibroid can shrink and if an individual already did an operation, it can be prevented from growing back as this was the case in my personal experience.

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→60 days anti-fibriod meal plan and recipe
→60 days Body cleansing and healing
→60 days Blood Sugar control Smoothie recipe
→60 days Liver Detoxification
→60 days Consultation and Follow-up
→Metabolism boosting recipe
→60 days fibroid shrinking tea
→60 days massage technique
→Easy Home and Office exercise
→Meal prepping Lessons
→Lifesaving health tips
→Healing Affirmations and Relaxation techniques

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