About Us


Hi my name is Ruth Oghotuama,  I hold a PGD in Management Science and have worked in several sectors of the Nigerian Economy from the telecoms, legal, and courier.  I am a strong believer in the healing power of food. Gen129 Organic is a vision that was birthed by a personal experience. I had a health scare some years ago that took me through myomectomy. The doctors could no ascertain the cause and advised that there is a possibility of the fibroids recurring after a period of time. I did not want to go through the horrible experience of another myomectomy! This was how my journey to wellness began.

I spent hours, days, months and years researching on general wellness. I discovered that what we eat can either make or mar our health. Armed with this revelation, I began by screening my food cabinets. All chemicals, artificial fragrances and toxins were banished from my hair and skin. My personal skin care products were replaced with natural ones like coconut oil, African black soap and sheer butter.

The result was a, healthier and happier brand new me!  I realize that the only medicine I needed was a healthy lifestyle which changed my eating habit too.

I have purposed to dedicate my life to sharing this one simple message: The healthiest foods are God’s Natural, Organic, and Whole Foods, traditionally prepared to bring out their best.

My mission is to make available organic food to every household and also simplify the preparation to be quick, and bless your family with good health, vibrancy and energy.

Having in mind that our skin, which is our largest organ, feeds the internal organs from outside, I have also made available, skincare products that will both nourish and protect the skin, so that you can embrace every good thing that God has designed for you and your family.

God bless you!​