7 Days Raw Food Body Reset Challenge

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→ 7 days of vitamins rich in fighting free radicals
→ 7 days of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables
→ 7 days loading on cholesterol lowering protein rich nuts
→ 7 days loading up on essential minerals that build healthy cells
→ 7 days diseases reversal
→ Body Cleansing & Guaranteed
→ Delicious AFFORDABLE healthy & easy to prepare juices & smoothies
→ Cellular regeneration to prevent cancer
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Here is my testimony I feel so light and comfortable have lost so many fat in my Tommy. During this 7days challenge … and also feel relived from constant body pain and migraine…Thanks so much gen129organic


I am very happy, I feel lighter than before ,so loving myself before when I wake up in the morning all my body will be paining me ,I really enjoy, yesterday I have to buy more green vegetables, and fruit because I want to  continue thanks so much ma.


I feel lighter have lost 1inch from my arm ,my hip and 3 inch around my bust area as at Friday have lost 6kg.my starting weight was 107kg but as at Friday I weighed 101kg.my blood pressure use to 127 or 130 but as at Friday it was 97.I was so shocked. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Adeshina

I can’t feel joint and body pain again. I also realized that I can stand for 2 hours without getting tired, unlike before, that I can’t even stand for 20min without pains. I will also check my BP later in the day, because I have stopped my drugs since day one of the program. I FOLLOWING THE PROGRAM SINCERELY. NO CHEATING


Earlier in the year, the region around my right knee got swollen and was quite painful…The bone wasn’t affected but the flesh looked like fluid trapped within. It gave me concern bcos I couldn’t bend or kneel properly. So I enrolled with gen129 organic for the 7 days raw food challenge on 1st July 2019. By the fourth day, I noticed that the swollen right knee was back to normal size as the other knee and I can bend and kneel without pain. Gen129organic, I sincerely appreciate this 7 days raw food challenge and I thank God for bringing you my way.